Postdoc position from 2020

We will soon be on the move to Poland (University of Gdansk) and offer a postdoc position supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The main topic is the theory of mediated dynamics. Here are the requirements and conditions:

  1. Starting date: negotiable, earliest from January 2020
  2. Period of hiring: 2 years (likely extendable)
  3. Salary: ~6500 PLN (monthly, after taxes)
  4. Requirements:
    • Good general knowledge of physics
    • Very good command of quantum mechanics and quantum information
    • Solid background in quantum correlations
    • Critical thinking
    • Ability to deal with involved mathematics
    • Excellent programming skills
    • Fluent English
Interested candidates are invited to send their cv, description of research interests, and emails of two potential referees to Tomek.